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In-home pet sitting services ■ 365 days a year - including all major holidays

We care for dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals, chickens, reptiles and exotics… big or small, we love them all!

While you’re away let your pets have the next best thing to having you at home – a 4 Paws Home & Pet Services sitter. You can have peace of mind that your home and pet/s are being well cared for in your absence by a Certified Professional Pet Sitter.

The benefits of keeping your pets at home instead of boarding them are many – for both you and your pet/s. While you’re away you won’t have to impose on friends or relatives, who sometimes forget, or have schedule challenges that lead to sporadic care. You are not inconvenienced or rushed by having to transport your pet/s before or after your trip. For extra peace of mind we provide check in calls, texts, or emails from your sitter to give you updates.

Other benefits of a pet sitting service in your own home are:

  • Your pet/s remain in their secure environment, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells.
  • Your pet/s are less likely to be exposed to illness and stress caused by boarding or travel.
  • Diet and exercise routine is uninterrupted.
  • Medications are delivered on schedule.
  • Service is customized to follow pet/s’ daily routine.
  • Personal, loving attention is given to every pet in the household.

"There is no one I would trust my pets to more than 4 Paws. I have used the service on multiple occasions and have been more than pleased - Impressive. I can go away and KNOW that my pets will receive the best of attention and loving, personal care. I usually don't even call back to check on them because I am so confident that they are in excellent hands. I have never had a service that I was so pleased with. Thank you 4 Paws." - Francene, Sherrills Ford, NC

Service Area

The Lake Norman area - the towns of Sherrills Ford, Terrell, Catawba, and Denver, North Carolina.


Regular visits to your home may be a crime deterrent. Making sure your mail and packages are brought in, lights and or blinds alternated, as well as general daily activity, gives your home a “lived in” appearance.

Home emergencies handled due to severe weather or unforeseen issues.

Your happy and healthy pet/s will be there to greet you at the door.

We are a certified, bonded and insured member of Pet Sitters International.

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At Your Convenience

We believe in making pet ownership easy so we have no contracts or minimums, or last minute scheduling penalties.

You are welcome to schedule by the visit, weekly, or monthly. If you cancel a service with a minimum of 24 hours notice, we credit your account for use toward future services.

We also do our best to accommodate all requests, even those with little notice. We know that life is complicated enough without prohibitive policies and penalties from your pet sitting service.

What to Expect

A professional, friendly and knowledgeable pet sitter.

Meet & Greet with a pet sitter before they do their first pet sit with your pet.

All pet sitters are carefully screened, and go through a national criminal background and reference check.

References are available upon request.

Text from sitter or communication on first and last visit, unless instructed otherwise.

Extra Steps

All pet sitters and dog walkers are thoroughly trained to follow our safety and security procedures as well as to provide outstanding service.

We communicate daily with pet sitters and dog walkers to ensure that your scheduled services are not unexpectedly interrupted.

We strive to maintain consistency for you and your pet by assigning a primary pet care provider to all clients.

“Deby and her teams’ care of our dogs and cats give us complete peace of mind when we are out of town or for mid-day visits. We would not trust them to anyone else and all of our four-legged children love them. We live a bit of a hectic lifestyle and Deby is more than accommodating to our schedules, something we are very grateful for. If you are looking for a sitter that loves your pets like they were their own, then look no further than 4 Paws home and Pet Services!” - Kami, Denver, NC

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Standard pet sitting visits are 30-45 minutes in length and are performed between 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

You may extend your visits at a charge of $10 per 15-minute increment.

Apart from offering top-notch care to your pets, we bring in newspapers and mail, alternate lights and curtains and water indoor plants.

Each 30-45 minute visit includes as many of the following services as needed:

  • Providing fresh food and water
  • Giving bathroom breaks
  • Taking walks and providing exercise and playtime
  • Cleaning up after dog/s (yard clean-up, etc.)
  • Administering medicine
  • Seeking medical attention (additional visit charge will be assessed for transportation and wait time)
  • Outdoor bird & fish feeding and trash take out can be performed for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  • Giving lots of TLC to both your pet(s) AND your home!

Additional services are available and can be reviewed/discussed at initial in-person consultation.

Single visit: $18.00.
2 Visits=$36.00
3 Visits=$54.00.

Cat visits (up to 5 cats): $18.00 per visit.


Visiting from out of town? We will visit with your dog in your room while you are in the Lake Norman area. We are recommended by TownePlace Suites by Marriot in Mooresville, NC. Book your hotel stay.


This service is for those who have no pets, but would like someone to check in on their home while they are away. We can water plants, bring in mail/newspaper, rotate lights, maintain pool water levels, adjust thermostat, etc.

If you have special requests feel free to ask!

$15 per Visit. Service offered 7 days a week.

More Testimonials

4 Paws has been my exclusive pet care provider for 6 years. Deby and her associates provide true TLC to my two dogs, Annie and Lilly. Both are rescue cockers. The walks they get and the undivided attention are wonderful. It is important to me to have the dogs in a familiar environment when I travel; often I’m gone 2 weeks at a time. I have peace of mind knowing that in many ways the girls are getting more attention than I can give them some days! Deby is flexible. I was delayed returning home from overseas one time and was able to reach her by text as well as phone. There was no issue in providing additional days of care until I could return.

When returning home, Lilly and Annie are happy to see me. I really think they both miss the routine Deby establishes for them while I’m gone. I work long hours so they don’t get the same type of TLC from me. When I do go away I tell them, “Don’t worry, you get a doggie vacation because Deby’s coming.” I think they even know what that means! If Deby had doggie day care, I would be a member! I recommend Deby and her associates without hesitation. – Sara, Mooresville. NC

Deby has done a superb job of taking care of my Labradoodle puppy during the 7 months I used 4 Paws Home & Pet Services. I frequently work long days therefore it is a tremendous relief knowing my puppy is being taken outside for midday potty breaks, given exercise, watched over for any health or other issues and lavished with affection. Deby helped me make my puppy into a well behaved, healthy and affectionate dog. In addition to taking Ripley outside for midday potty breaks, Deby would let me know if she noticed anything unusual such as a possible ear infection or diarrhea or if toys are not appropriate and getting chewed up & swallowed etc. In addition to being rock solid reliable, Deby also provided useful insights on dog health, raising, appropriate toys & training tips. Deby worked on dog obedience commands I gave her which reinforced the training I was doing with the puppy. I highly recommend 4 Paws Home & Pet Services.
Matt, Denver, NC

I just wanted to thank you once again for taking such good care of Cooper and the house while we were away. I know it’s not easy when our expectations were very high, especially about the outside container plants but you did a great job and all was well when we arrived home yesterday. Frankly I’m amazed that you managed to keep all the plants alive in the high temperatures. For me it’s a daily labor of love so I congratulate you and thank you again. Cooper is back to his normal self and has settled very quickly back into family life again and that is testament to your excellent care of him. I never worry about Coops when I’m away since you became his pet-sitter, I just miss him – which is only right.” Kathy, Mooresville, NC

“Deby, thank you for taking good care of Leonardo and looking after the house also. I really appreciate that you saw the plants needed watering. So great to be able to leave things knowing you are coming in. Of course, Leonardo is the number one concern and this time I did not even ask you to do more and you did. You are great!” – Alice, Mooresville, NC

Deby has been a lifesaver for our family. Having long work days and erratic schedules, we nevertheless wanted our black lab Scout to have exercise and a regular mealtime even if we couldn’t get home on time. Deby has been willing to add days, delete days, pick up from the vet after a medical issue, and stay with him to hold his head when he wasn’t feeling well. So glad our previous dog walker introduced us before she retired! – Jackie, Mooresville, NC

I had a wonderful service with them. Deby went above and beyond her duties. She was only to be at the house once, to let the dogs out and feed them. When she found out a storm was moving through, she made an unscheduled trip back to my house to cage my little girl. My border collie gets terribly frightened during storms and can hurt herself. Deby took of her own time to make sure Belle was locked up safe. What more can you ask. That extra step gave me SO much peace and a promise that she will be a household name for me. – Dixie, Terrell, NC

A quick (and belated) Thank you from Frodo & Freya- two Mooresville kitties looked after by Deby. Such a fantastic service, such great care and communication to their mommy (me) while she was in California! Thanks again! – Melissa, Mooresville, NC


DEBY THORNBURG – Owner, Certified Professional Pet Sitter

DEBY THORNBURG – Owner, Certified Professional Pet Sitter

Originally from New England, I grew up in Connecticut and lived in and around the Boston/Cape Cod area for 14 years before I moved to Charlotte in 2003. Having moved here with only my cat KC to keep me company, I became familiar with the concept of pet sitting when I had to leave for a business trip and didn’t know anyone who could take care of KC. Leaving him unattended was undesirable to me, as he was my “little boy” thus 4 Paws Home & Pet Services LLC was born. Never wanting anyone else to have to choose between their “fur babies” and their life’s responsibilities, I became a “Professional Pet Spoiler” in 2006. I consider myself very fortunate to wake up every day and be able to do something I love and I’m passionate about.

KC has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge but not until I met and married my husband, Eric (I’m convinced he wanted to make sure I always had a companion by my side). Eric and I now have two “boys” of our own, Otis, our Boxer/Lab mix and Bailey, our orange tabby cat.

I am very involved with 4 Paws Home & Pet Services, LLC on a daily basis and my priorities are my family and taking care of my clients and sitters.

DEANN “D” DENZER – Pet Care Specialist

DEANN “D” DENZER – Pet Care Specialist

Hometown: Winona, Minnesota

Number of years in NC: 10 years

Names of Pets: Cat, Heathen

Why I like being a pet sitter: I have been dealing with animals most of my life; dogs, cats, horses and assorted farm animals… in one way or another I’ve been pet sitting most of my adult life. When I joined the US Air Force I always seemed to be the one folks came to for staying in their house and watching animals when they were gone. When I had my own place my military team mates would bring their furry babies to me as well. After 22 years decided to retire from active duty and move to North Carolina.

I teamed up with Deby after I used her service to watch my cats Mischief and Heathen three years ago… during the intake discussion I told her that once I returned it would be it would be enjoyable for me if I could team up with her. Since March 2013, Deby has let me do one of my most favorite things … making sure folks “furry kids” were taken care of like they were my own as, I admit, I thoroughly enjoy watching over my “extended family”.


Our pet sitting hours are Sunday - Saturday from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 

Our office days/hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

We strive to respond to all inquiries on the day received. Sometimes our pet sitting duties prevent an early response. In that instance we will respond on the next office day.

  • FAQ

    • Why should I use a pet sitter rather than board my pet/s?

      We feel that your pet’s routine should not be disturbed unless absolutely necessary. By boarding your pet(s), you risk their comfort, health, and social well-being. Just the ride to the boarding facility alone can be frustrating for you, as well as stressful for your pet/s. You also have the added benefit that it may be a crime deterrent.

    • I already have a pet sitter, why should I switch to 4 Paws Home & Pet Services, LLC?

      4 Paws Home & Pet Services, LLC is a professional pet care service. Our sitters are provided with the support and tools to give you the best, most reliable service available anywhere. Honesty and integrity are vital ingredients of everything we say and do. While individual pet service providers or family and friends can be capable and responsible, they often cannot offer you their services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, guaranteed. And if those individuals have an emergency of their own, who will step in to care for your pet/s? You will never have that worry with our service.

    • Are you bonded and insured?

      Yes, we are a bonded and insured member of the Pet Sitters International.

    • Who are your pet sitters?

      Our pet sitters are mature, responsible animal lovers who are carefully selected based on their experience and high quality ethics. All sitters are independent contractors carefully screened, and go through a thorough background and reference check. They are then personally trained on each individual house in their care. Our training program is designed to underscore home security, safety for your pet(s), and the highest possible quality standards.

    • Can I meet my sitter?

      Yes! When you become a new client of 4 Paws Home & Pet Services, LLC, we will schedule a free consultation with a sitter assigned in your area. They will meet you and your pet/s, become familiar with your home, and discuss all vital information about your pet/s and home needs. We know that you and your pet/s like the same familiar face, so you will (in most cases), have the same sitter unless you move to another area of town. If your sitter is not available, we will offer you a meeting with your back up sitter – with advance notification.

      That sitter will then be your permanent backup sitter whenever your regular sitter is not on duty. We strive for consistency, which is another element that sets us apart from other pet care providers.

    • How many times a day will you visit? What about overnight?

      We try to accommodate every situation; the least frequent service we offer is every other day (usually for cats or caged pets). We can do one to four visits per day, a combination of extended visits and/or overnights, which ever fits the needs of you and your pet/s. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you come up with a schedule of services to fit your needs.

    • Can you give my pet medication?

      All of our sitters are able to give most pills, liquids, and topical medications to most pets. Many of our sitters are also able to give needle administered medications like insulin and allergy shots, and in some cases, sub-q fluids.

    • What happens if my pet becomes sick or injured?

      We are committed to the excellent care of your pet/s. Should your pet become sick or injured, we will follow the procedures listed by you during your free in-home consultation.

    • Can I have someone share pet sitting duties with my friends or family?

      Consistency is vital to providing the best possible care. While it is ideal for our sitter to provide all the care during the entire period, we will agree to share that service with whomever you entrust to help out, in most cases. However, we do require that you provide us with their name and contact information, and we ask that you provide them with ours. They must know that they can contact us 24/7 if they cannot fulfill their part of the service, and we will take over the entire service immediately. The best interest of your pet/s and home are our utmost concern, and our years of experience have shown us that communication is key to a successful outcome.

    • What if I need last minute service?

      When “life happens”, you can rely on us to be there for you and your pet/s. Once you are established as a client, we can visit you on the same day if needed. This is another great reason to keep your keys on file with our service.

    • Does my dog need to be on a leash if trained?

      While your dog may be trained, it is our strict policy to always keep your pet/s on a leash while in our care outside of your home or yard. This will ensure we have control over any unforeseen problems that may arise. We adhere to leash law in many areas.

    • Will my dog be walked in extreme temperatures or weather?

      You should discuss with your sitter how best to care for your pets in extreme weather. During the high temperatures in the summer, our walks will be brief. We do not want your pet/s or our sitters to become over exposed, and suffer from heat exhaustion. During severe thunderstorms, or if road and walking conditions become dangerous, we will do all we can to ensure your pet/s get out for a potty break. We will resume regular walking schedules once the severe weather has passed.

    • Will you pick up after our pet/s?

      Your sitter will pick after your pet/s when they are out on their walk. They will also pick up after your pet/s if they go in your yard while under their care, if requested. We do not offer full poop scooping services at this time. We will also, of course, take care of all kitty boxes. If your pet/s get sick in your home, we will clean up after them. If this requires extended time beyond your visit, there may be an additional charge.

    • Will my sitter have their own supplies to clean up after my pet(s)?

      You are responsible for providing your pet sitter with all cleaning supplies, including bags for picking up or scooping waste, paper towels, carpet cleaners, etc. Please go over any specific details with your sitter for anything that requires special care, i.e. delicate or expensive carpets and rugs.

    • How do you handle my keys?

      A working key should be given to your sitter during the initial meeting – two (2) working keys are even better. Most clients have us keep their keys on file so we are ready for future service with little notification. PLEASE TEST ALL NEWLY MADE KEYS TO SEE THAT THEY WORK PROPERLY. If you live in a gated community, you will also be required to provide your sitter with a gate code or an access device.

    • How and when is payment received?

      Payment is due at the start of service. We accept cash, check, major credit cards and debit cards and online payments. You will receive a confirmation email approximately 3-4 days prior to the start of your service, reminding you of the amount due, so that you may leave your cash or check. Please leave your payment in a central area for your sitter to pickup, like the kitchen counter or wherever your pet supplies are kept. For clients with permanent daily dog walks, you may either pay weekly or monthly.

    • Does my sitter accept tips?

      Yes. Tips are never expected, but tips are always appreciated for a job well-done. You may leave cash, or have a separate check designated as a tip for your sitter.

    • Can I contact my sitter directly?

      You and your sitter may talk directly about the care of your pet/s and home, but all reservations including changes and cancellations must be made directly with the office. Your sitter CANNOT change their own schedule, so please contact the office regarding reservations or changes of address or payment method.

    • Are there any extra charges for holiday care?

      The only extra charges we have during the holidays, or any other time, are for last minute reservations. For regular service, we require 24-hour notice to book service. For major holidays, we require a two week notice to avoid a late booking fee. Reminder emails will be sent before all major holidays with fee notifications.

    • What is your cancellation policy?

      A 24-hour notice for all NON-HOLIDAY cancellations is required. There is no refund for service that is canceled same day, however, the remainder of the visits beyond that will be held as a credit. If you return home early without notifying us, you will be charged for any attempted visits. During the holidays, ALL cancellations should be made at least one week prior to scheduled service. Last-minute cancellations will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds will be given on holiday service after the job has started.

    • What if I am unsatisfied with my sitter or my service?

      We encourage you to contact us if you are not satisfied in any way with your sitter or your service. We will address any issues, and hopefully rectify whatever problems you may have. We want to live up to your expectations, so please contact us immediately if that hasn’t happened.

    • Do you have a referral program?

      Yes. Our best advertising is a happy client! Refer our service to a friend, family member, or co-worker, and we will reward you with one free regular visit. They must mention your name when they book their service. A gift certificate will be sent to you when their first service is complete.

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